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Durness Militia List 1809

picture above Saingo Bay

Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones, adapted for this page by C Stokes, published here with his permission.
All Mc & Mac names shown here as Mac - place names are spelled as on original document
This Militia List is certified to be a 'true & correct list of all the males between the ages of 18 & 45 residing in the Parish of Durness'. Document is dated 30th August 1809
Surnames are shown alphabetically followed by Christian name, occupation & residence plus either Ground of Exemption claimed or liable. It is noticeable on this Durness list the large number of volunteers.
Names with an * were aged over 30, those without were less than 30.
Alexander *, farmer, Labour
Angus *, tailor, Dalnaharve, volunteer;
Donald, labourer, Eriboll, volunteer 
Angus *, piper, Balbulichveg, volunteer
Angus *, farmer, Durine, volunteer
Donald, farmer, Aultcoirfraskel, volunteer
Donald *, Eriboll, volunteer
Donald *, shepherd, Mussel, unfit to serve
Donald, farmer, Sangomore, volunteer
William *, farmer, Sangomore, volunteer 
James *, fisher, Grudie, volunteer 
Mr. Robert, Balnakeil 
William, shepherd, Sarscrim 
John *, servant, Balnakeil 
Angus, labourer, Inverhope
George *, labourer, Balnakeil, volunteer
John, labourer, Rispond, volunteer
William, labourer, Eriboll, volunteer 
Alexander, labourer, Clasnanach
Angus, labourer, Hiliam
Donald, labourer, Achnahunat
Donald *, farmer, Eriboll
Donald, labourer, Filine, volunteer
Donald *, constable, Kinnabin
Donald, foxhunter, Strathbeg, volunteer
George *, shepherd, Aultnacailich, volunteer
George *, labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
Hector, labourer, Eriboll, volunteer
Hector, labourer, Filine, volunteer
Hector Oag *, weaver, Eriboll, volunteer
Hugh, farmer, Badvoir, volunteer
Hugh, labourer, Dalnaharve, volunteer
Hugh *, labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
James, shepherd, Bresgill (Fresgill?), volunteer
James *, post, Sangomore
John, labourer, Arnaboll, volunteer
John, labourer, Badlihavis
John, farmer, Eriboll, volunteer
John *, labourer, Filine, volunteer
John, farmer, Hope, volunteer
John *, labourer, Sangobeg
John, weaver, Sangmore, volunteer
John, cowherd, Strathbeg
John (1), labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
John (2), labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
John (3), labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
Kenneth *, labourer, Hiliam, volunteer
Robert, labourer, Eriboll, volunteer
William *, cowherd, Blaid
William, labourer, Borley
William, labourer, Clasnanach, volunteer 
George, labourer, Arnaboll, volunteer
George, labourer, Badvoir
Hugh *, farmer, Arnaboll, volunteer
John *, labourer, Elanarear, volunteer
John, labourer, Eriboll
John, servant, Eriboll, volunteer
John, shepherd, Grudie 
Alexander, labourer, Durine, volunteer
Angus, weaver, Clasnanach, volunteer
George *, farmer, Balvulichveg, volunteer
Hugh *, fisher, Hope, volunteer
James, labourer, Hope, volunteer
John *, farmer, Lerin, volunteer 
Eivar *, foxhunter, Shininish 
Hugh, farmer, Durine 
Thomas *, shepherd, Balvluichmore 
Alexander, labourer, Kinnabin
Donald *, tailor, Kinnabin
George, tailor, Kinnabin
James, labourer, Durine
William, shepherd, Dall
William *, carpenter, Kinnabin 
Alexander *, labourer, Eriboll, volunteer
Alexander, tailor, Lochsion, volunteer
Angus, herd, Fraskil, volunteer
Donald, farmer, Eriboll, volunteer
Kenneth, labourer, Durine 
Robert *, farmer, Sangobeg, volunteer 
Angus *, farmer, Hope, volunteer
Donald, farmer, Ellanhoan, volunteer
James *, farmer, Ellanhoan, volunteer
Robert *, smith, Balnakeil
William, farmer, Sangomore, volunteer 
Angus, labourer, Hope
Angus, farmer, Sangomore, volunteer
George *, farmer, Clasnanach, volunteer
Kenneth *, farmer, Durine, volunteer
William, labourer, Hope, volunteer 
William, shepherd, Achmore 

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